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Friday, 9 October 2015

Slow down

"Slow down, take a deep breath, what's the hurry?"- Jeremiah 2:25.

I'm 20. Yet I hurry through life like there's a timer to tick off all my dreams from my to-do list. I constantly find myself running from lecture to lecture, answering emails, pitching ideas and dreaming big. It's all great and exciting until it gets too much. Too much to deal with. Too much to handle. 

I've always admired people who can tune off from work particularly well. People like my dad; he's great at balancing work life with family time and his usual 8-oclock scrabble marathon. Because God's faithfulness continues through all generations, what He has started in you, He will complete. So why do we hurry through life breathless? Like there's a pressure to force our dreams to become a reality? 

And I've tried. Believe me I've tried. But somehow I can't seem to slow down. "There's always something that needs to be done Lisa," I whisper to myself as I apply for more jobs, internships and freelance writing. 

But what's the hurry? 

Jeremiah 2:25 tells us to take a deep breath and slow down. I stumbled over this verse on one of my busiest weeks- I spent days working, and evenings crying because I was overwhelmed with the growing length of my to-do list. What I actually needed to do was not to add to my list, but was to slow down. Breathe. And enjoy life. 

To not worry what tomorrow would bring, and lean my soul into the unending strength, peace and rest of God. Even the creator himself took time to rest, so we ourselves should imitate His ways: carve time in your day- in your week- for some soul-refreshing undisturbed time. Find rest in time away from your perpetuating work load, family demands and constant buzz of your phone. Return to the source, and slow down. Always find calm in the chaos.