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Friday, 13 November 2015

Be the change

Earlier this week I was walking through my local town hurrying to meet my friend for a coffee. Coming towards me was a woman on two crutches struggling to push a trolley full of shopping. I glanced over, saw her and carried on walking. God reminded me of Deuteronomy 15:11 which says "give freely and spontaneously. Give to your neighbours in trouble; your poor and hurting neighbours." And so, despite craving coffee bad, I turned around and went to help her. 

"You must be a nurse because no one is this kind around here," she said as I offered to carry her shopping to her car. How sad, I thought. How very sad that she had never experienced random acts of kindness. Why was she so surprised at me offering her help? 

Everyday I hear of inspiring stories which encourage me to be more generous, more giving and more selfless. The fact that this lady had never experienced kindness from a stranger before really opened my eyes. I must admit though, I'm often too busy to notice what's going on around me. I rush through life not really stopping to see who I can help. What this lady with her trolley taught me is that if we want the world to be a kinder and better place, then we need to be attention to those around us- we need to be the change. 

Maybe if we weren't always rushing through life we would actually notice those who need us the most. 

Let's be a movement of people who recklessly give. Give freely because Jesus freely gave to us. If it's as simple as taking someone's shopping to a car, then think what kind of an impact we can make where we live. Deuteronomy tells us to give spontaneously. That means when you least expect to give. So always be alert. Be in tune with God's love for humanity and you will find yourself giving recklessly even on your busiest day. 

Be the change you want to see.