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Friday, 25 September 2015

Want to be a risk-taker?

"Great things never came from comfort zones"-  ever seen this quote circulating on Instagram recently? I sure have, and it made me think. Make me think about the many great things my heart desires to see come to life. And then I began to ask myself: am I living in a comfort zone? 

Yes. Yes I am. 

I've just entered my third and final year of university. Though the work load is sure to increase, I'm excited to be released from education and begin knocking on doors for new avenues to occupy. If you would have asked me a year ago what I had wanted to do when I graduated (most people do), I would have filled you in on my specialised plan: move into a somewhere-near-London flat, trust in God for a job in journalism and be a part of a thriving church in the city. My plan was my comfort zone. I wasn't scared, I wasn't taking risks. I was actually playing it safe. 

But to be honest with you, although my comfort zone made me feel safe, I wasn't growing. If you want to achieve great things you have to go beyond your comfort zone- you have to be bold, fearless and sometimes brave enough to step out of what you know. 

I'm ready to live a life overflowing with risk. A life where my trust is without boarders. A life where I actually climb out of the boat I'm so used to and start walking on water. So I've scrapped my plans. I no longer want to live in the city. I know longer want to dive straight into a nine-to-five job for the rest of my life. 

'But that's crazy!' (I wouldn't blame you for stumbling over that thought). 

My ambition to live a risky, plan-free life is not some reckless 'you only live once' idea I've planned overnight. It's my way of showing King Zion that my trust is running wild; that I'm scrapping my small human ideas and leaning into the tapestry Christ has- and still is- stitching for me. 

Risk is like stepping out of the boat with no idea how to walk on water. Risk is but only having one great idea: knowing how to surrender your soul into the unlimited boundaries of trust. I'm not even a great swimmer let alone someone who could walk on water, but what I do have is a soul that is ready to trust madly. To trust without boarders; without limitations. You can't take a risk without having faith. A few synonyms of risk are endanger, hazard, instability and to gamble with. The likelihood is if you don't add faith into the mix, your risk-taking maybe well be endangered and hazardous. Stir endless faith in however, and your journey of risk becomes an exciting and unstoppable tale of God using you. 

I'm standing with arms high and heart abandoned ready to give it all for the one who gave it all. My plans, my future- I have nothing but a potter who is moulding my life in perfect harmony with His plan. My soul is surrendered, knees are bowed down and my feet wandering deeper than ever before.  

I challenge you: be a risk taker. Did you know that life is meant for living? Jesus came so that we may have life- in abundance until it overflows (John 10:10). Let's be bold, fearless and takers of mad risk. 

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