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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Be inspired: Bobbie Houston

Our culture doesn't exactly encourage women to live boldly, fearlessly or with a servant mindset. If anything, culture detracts us from who we were uniquely created to be. A true pioneer of Christ, Bobbie Houston illustrates to this lost and wandering culture what Jesus called us to be. Women who know who they are in Christ; who are bold, fearless and clothed in the grace that sets us free. 

A mother figure for Hillsong goers, I've been listening to Bobbie for as long as I can remember, and have drilled her teaching into the core of my spirit. A woman changing culture for Christ, her teaching has encouraged me to lean deeper into the beautiful and  strengthening voice of Jesus- a man I am so desperately in love with. I pray that, if anything, you will read her interview and too be filled with an interminable thirst for Christ. 

Young women in the church 

"I came to Christ when I was 15 and I have never not believed in God. I always had a quiet faith, although I never really went to church. My parents were good people but we didn't go to church as such. So I personally found Christ when I was 15 and fell so desperately in love with him. I've never departed from that. So when I look at young women- I have daughters and granddaughters- our church is full of beautiful young women, my greatest aspiration is that they will truly fall in love with their Creator. That they will get a revelation of who they really are" 

The Young & Free movement

"Young and free is bringing a song and a voice to the rising generation. The bible says that without vision people live carelessly. You have to have vision for your life. Young people waste their lives because they have no vision, no value on their lives. I think society needs to appreciate healthy church, because it creates environment where young people can get a sense of who they are and what they are doing in their life. I think there would be far less problems in society if young people had vision for their lives. It breaks my heart. People are just aimlessly wandering. Their 'big dream' is where to party next, or how to drunk to get at the weekend- it may be fun for a moment, but in reality it's so shallow. Their challenge for young christian women- young christian people- is to live a great, christian life. Live their faith well. Live their lives well." 

Behind the Hillsong movie 

" I almost forget that the movie is actually happening. I'm not sure whether you knew but we didn't make it about us- Hollywood producers came and approached us. One of the producers took his friend to one of the United concerts- this guy was completely unchurched- but he got so impacted by the presence of God that it's out of that that he seeded the idea of people being able to go to theatres and experience this also. So when that was pitched to us, we said 'this we can do,' but if it was anything else then we wouldn't be interested. And so, twelve months on we've seen it and it has captured the true intent of what they pitched to us. It's really lovely and I deeply hope that it blesses lots of people."  

Celebrities in church 

"People are fascinated with celebrities. The world is fascinated with celebrity. The short answer is that celebrities are people also. Why does it have to be such a big deal if a searching heart is coming to church and embarking on the journey that we're all on? America is fascinated with celebrity. Completely fascinated. There are so many wonderful people who are leaning into faith and leaning into the church, and we try to protect them and not make a fuss of them. But celebrities make news- not for us- but for newspapers and television shows. We want to respect them and who they are and just let them be a part of the journey. Hey, they're just people like everyone else so what's the big deal!" 

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