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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Be Inspired: Anna Seven London

Twins Joanna and Susanna, are fearlessly using their London-based clothing brand Anna Seven London to change culture and not conform to the ways of the world. Their journey first began in 2012, and they have since changed the game with their t-shirts, jumpers and accessories which have the ultimate goal to glorify Christ. What they began at the mere age of 17 has blossomed into an empowering brand which inspires our generation. Their 'Thou Shalt Change The Game' t-shirts quickly wooed over today's youth culture, and as their new collection drops, we talk to them about their ever-empowering brand, the fashion industry and what it means to trust God. 

Behind the name

"Our names are Joanna and Susanna- so Anna- and our Mother's name is Anna too. The number seven means 'completion' and is the holiest number. As a christian brand, this was something we wanted to incorporate." 

Twins that dress the same 

"There was one point when we didn't dress alike, however we are twins, and God gave us the gift of looking alike, so we love dressing the same- it's so much fun. Plus we have the same style anyway so it makes dressing the same easy."

Feeling empowered in fashion 

"To be honest, we've never had the mindset of being sexualised in what we wear. We always want to keep what we wear moderate, because our brand is really bringing awareness to God and His love for humanity. Of course we don't want to be too 'holy', but then we don't want to be too worldly either- it's about getting the balance right. We want people that are unchurched or not believers to feel excepted by the clothes and to be able to relate to them. We don't focus on what we can not do- we focus on what God tells us and allows us to do."

Advice on social media and staying grounded 

"Honesty, if we didn't have our business we probably wouldn't have social media. You just get swept up in everyone else's lives and it's just sad. The thing with social media is that you think everyone is having a good day, living their dream, but it's never ever like that. People just pick and choose to show what they want. People have bad days too, but of course they never show them. With social media you need to realise that we all have bad days too- don't believe everything you see! Make sure that you know yourself and that you're strong enough to not feel inferior or bad about yourself because of what someone else put up." 

The future of their brand 

"Time will tell. We have plenty of goals and ambitions tucked away, so hopefully we can get the word of God out their more-  we hope to do that in a cool and quirky way. A fashion house is the dream for one day, we hope. We're still growing and figuring out what we want to do. We are constantly moving forward and trusting in God- he's got us."