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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Be Inspired: Emma Borquaye

"When you are inspired you are empowered," says 23-year-old Emma as she articulates what it means to be empowered. Currently working in Radio advertising, Emma balances a new career with married life (she got married back in June), and encouraging the upcoming generation. 

"I run a youth group with my husband Isaac at our church in Greenwich and I am passionate about seeing young people confidently living out their faith and encouraging one another," she says. Her and her husband Isaac (or Guvna B, the Mobo-award winning christian artist), are  deeply rooted in their church and make it their priority to drive the next generation into a place that is more and more hungry for God. 

From talking to us about leaning her soul into Galations 2:19 on days of trouble, to her day-to-day life, get an insight into the inspiring life of Emma Borquaye. 

What drives her to get up in the morning 

"Sometimes I'm not very motivated to get up in the morning at all. I love my sleep! And my job isn't THE most exciting thing ever, but I remember one time someone praying for me about how, like in Zephaniah 3, where it says that God will "rejoice over you with singing," God sings songs of love over me in the morning. It's crazy to think that there are so many people in the world- most with much greater needs than me- yet God still cares about each one of us and has a plan and purpose. When I think about all this, how could I possibly not be motivated to get up!" 

An average day for Emma 

"My alarm goes off at 6am and I snooze it about about 4 or 5 times until it's almost 7! I leave my house at 7:50 and usually haven't had time to do my eye makeup so I'm one of those annoying people that does it on the train. I get to work for 8:50 and spend the day there planning up radio advertising and campaigns. I have some amazing friends at work which make the days much more fun. In my lunch breaks I like to do a bit of writing, either for my blog or something freelance. I finish work at 5:30 and I've tried to get into the habit of spending 30/45 mins with God as soon as I get home as the mornings tend to be quite a rush! I'll either see friends or hang out with Isaac, my husband. However, if I'm having a chilled evening in I love all the trashy TV shows like Towie, MIC, Real Housewives.. They're my guilty pleasures!" 

Pleasing God, not people 

"I think a lot of people tend to give the advice to 'not care what anyone thinks of you' and people would say that to me a lot growing up, too. It's definitely easier said than done. We seek approval in literally everything especially with stuff like Instagram and Facebook. We've been programmed that way since babies, because as girls we've had people us about the way we look from a really young age: "ooh look at your pretty dress," "I love your shoes," "what beautiful hair." So to just say 'don't care about what people think anymore' is actually extremely hard to do and if you decide one day to not care, it probably won't last very long. Instead, my advice would be not to just not care what anybody thinks of you, but care about what God thinks of you more! He thinks you are amaaaaaazing and living your life to please Him will shape you in to a way better person than living to please any human ever could!" 

Describe the word empower 

"That's a tough one- it's not something I think about often but I guess for me it is being inspired. You could be inspired by people you look up to, heroes of faith in the bible, or by God himself. God inspires us so that we might live effectively for Him on the earth. When you are inspired you are empowered." 

The bible verse for tough days 

"Galations 2:19: "It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me." It's a good reminder that if I'm facing a challenge I'm not alone, and if I have Christ in me what is there that I can't overcome?"