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Friday, 16 October 2015

When friends fail you

There's this song- Closer Than You Know- about someone who never stays distant. Never turns away. Never only wants you because you're good at something, succeeding in life, or have something to offer. Someone who loves you eternally- relentlessly- and simply because of who you are. 

Sadly, people will fail you. They will use you, let you down, hurt you. Someone who you called your friend, trusted and opened up to, is no longer there. Quite recently I was thinking about everyone I went to school with. All the 'best friends' I had made there. And out of the countless students I encountered, I only still speak to two. Two. Of course we all move on- travel the globe, search for who we are meant to be, fill our empty voids. But, as I've gotten older, the people that have been beside me through all seasons- rain or shine- are just a handful. 

You can't rely upon another human being to make you happy. Because then you will never be happy. A human soul cannot fill that kind of void. We cannot satisfy what only God can. Friends bring great joy, and they are wonderful gifts from God, but they are not where I recharge my soul to seek an eternal fulfilment. 

"I keep my small circle closed," say many people as they are left wounded by friends time and time again. And it's sad when that happens right? You lean onto someone- trust them- and then they fail you. I'm always reminded of the story in the bible when Peter denied knowing Jesus three times. "I never knew this man" he said again and again, until he broke down in tears because of his unfaithfulness to his friend. 

But you know what? Jesus still took him back. Despite Peter's disloyalty, Jesus still embraced him with arms wide open. And still- still despite everything- made him a great fisher of many. 

What an example to how we should love. Even when it hurts. 

Friendships are beautiful- but they're not eternally bound. One day, each one will come to an end. All except one. 

The friend who cares about every detail of your life. The one who is the bedrock under your feet; the castle in which you live, your rescuing knight. The one who makes you a fearless conquer. In him we find ourselves safe and saved. He is our only reason for living. He road-tests our life; and rescues us from the dirty water. His beauty and love chase after you every day of your life. And his name is Jesus, the eternal one, the unfailing one.