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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Be Inspired: Charlie Blythe

Hillsong London's youth pastor and the A21 Campaign UK's Director, Charlie Blythe is the voice of this generation. Whether she's preaching, painting her cactus pots or setting out to abolish world slavery, she is inspiring many. Her vision for the youth is clear and unfiltered: her love for Jesus and the church drives every person with inspiration that she meets. 

As we talk to her about what fuels her passion for the youth of the church, read her beautiful and witty words of wisdom and get to know the heart of who she is. We encourage you to head down to Hillsong London's main campuses to hear her preach from the depth of her soul- or join the A21 Campaign's Walk For Freedom this Saturday, as Charlie and thousands other boldly march to end human trafficking. 

Her vision for the next generation 

"I see a fearless generation. A generation that steps up and stands out for what they believe in. A generation that's secure in who they are in Christ. A generation that's more attractive than any other, not because of their outward appearance but their inward godliness. I envision a generation who's words are kind, who's heart are for others and who's hand is always helping. I believe the next generation are going to be stronger and bolder than ever because they have a confidence and a hope that's unshakable. They're going to use their God-given talents and skills to, not lift their own name but the name above all names! The next generation isn't concerned with what others think of them, what they look like or how popular they are- they're living for an audience of one. I pray and hope the next generation live more fearlessly than ever before." 

What the word 'empower' means to her 

"Empower to me means being confident in who you are, the authority you have been given and what you've been called to do. Once you have that revelation you can empower others to live the same way!" 

When you walk through the storm  

"Social media unfortunately can be our worst enemy at times. It allows us to compare ourselves and our lives with everyone else's and at times its not even a fair comparison as people are just posting their best bits. What we have to understand is that everyone goes through highs and lows- everyone has their own struggles and issues they battle with but we don't necessarily see those areas of their lives."

Don't compare! 

"Don't allow yourself to play the comparison game. Comparison leads to jealousy and ultimately jealously leads to insecurity. God has made you exactly how you are for a reason and he has a plan and purpose for your life which is specific for you (Jeremiah 29 tells us that). We need to accept who we are in Christ and be secure in who he has called us to be. Life is going to have its twists and turns; its ups and downs, but if we press in to God and keep our eyes fixed on him, we will be able to get through the challenges that life can throw at us. I really encourage you, don't get caught up in comparison, jealousy and insecurity. Sometimes you're ahead, sometimes you're behind- the road is long but in the end it's only with yourself."

Current inspirations 

"I get inspiration from everywhere and anywhere! People, books, podcasts, travelling, you name it! But mostly in my quiet time when I'm spending time with my creator- He always makes me more creative!" 

Being a youth pastor 

"I just love seeing young people totally on fire for God- hearts  abandoned and in awe of Him! There's just nothing like it! I love seeing young people confident in who they are and walking in that. Young people who are not changed by their environment but in fact changing their environment. There's nothing better than walking the journey with young people and seeing God outwork in their lives."